Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Article 7: Understanding Content Curation

Understanding Content Curation
by Nancy White 

I had to look up what curating means as this is a new term for me in the educational realm...The article did not explicitly explain it although I see where she was getting at from it. To clarify for myself, it means to basically gather or collect information that I would find most useful and share it. Essentially it is what we were talking about today regarding crowdsourcing pro-D and building a Personal Learning Network through tools like Listservs,, Twitter, etc. I think it goes a little beyond that as I would be in charge of organizing all this information and filtering what is good and what is not although with the overwhelming amount of information flowing through the Web, it would just not work very well to go and organize everything that comes into our inboxes, twitter accounts etc and find which materials are most useful. Instead, the and Flip options are good enough as they summarize all these findings in a easy format to access. Just as a side note, Nancy White uses More importantly, White goes into the point of curating for the 21st Century Students. Though great for teachers, it would be even better for students! To be able to teach them to start curating for their own PLN would be incredible. They would be learning and preparing themselves for the world we now live in. They can access information but they don't quite know what to do with the information or how to improve themselves using the resources at the tips of their hands. This may be the future...

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