Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Article 10: BYOD Teachers Talk Classroom Use

BYOD Teachers Talk Classroom Use

 by Susan Bearden

BYOD is the new talk of the town and it does look promising however our infrastructure isn't! There is still issues with bandwidth and connecting onto the wifi that discourages the BYOD and other awesome technology. Teachers find it frustrating to try new things and find that it fails them because the school can't keep up with the times. Even a school like mine that's 15 years old can't get wifi consistently in the library. It's so spotty that students have to stand at certain hotspots to get it working properly. That's the sad reality.

However, on the bright side, I agree that BYOD is the way to go! The schools may not be able to purchase the latest and the greatest but a lot of students have smart phones that can do so much and we should tap into this resource. The polleverywhere is a great way to see how kids are doing without them fearing they're wrong. I think the forms option in Google is also a great way to get immediate feedback as has a polling option via the spreadsheet results.

Students can also use apps like audioboo, evernote, dropbox, voicethread and many, many more to enhance their learning. There are also apps for molecules, mitosis and start gazing that are subject specific and helpful!

I say yes to BYOD but there must be support to improve the network and to help teachers find ways to use these devices effectively.

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